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Granita – crushed ice drink from Sicily

In English please, Specialities on novembre 10, 2008 at 4:46 pm
Granite al caffé e fragola con panna e brioche

Strawberry and coffee crushed ice drink with whipped cream and croissant

If you’re going to Sicily you can’t help tasting the typical crushed ice drink.

You can find it in many flavoures, but the best known ones are strawberry, peach, almond milk (very typical), mulberry, chocolate, lemon and coffee (people from Sicily often have this one for breakfast).

It is made in particular steel tubs stored at a precise temperature to avoid big ice clusters to form, keeping the ice soft and nubby.

In Sicily, they usually serve it with home-made whipped cream on the top of the ice and with a warm and soft local croissant to dip in it.


If you’re not going to Sicily, but you’re travelling around Italy, you can ask for a granita siciliana in any Sicilian bakery you may find through Italian cities.