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Jacques Cagna, highly recommended restaurant in Paris

In English please, France, Paris on ottobre 15, 2008 at 4:54 pm
Jacques Cagna restaurant

Jacques Cagna restaurant

10th March 2007

That day, my travelmate and I decided to make a reservation in a gourmet restaurant in Paris. We had brought a list of michelin starred restaurant in that city and we wanted to find one who could satisfy our taste and our money availability.

After calling some unavailable restaurants we found Jacques Cagna and we booked a table for two.

In the evening, at about 9 pm, we were there.

14, Rue des Grands Augustins – Paris 6ème – +33 0143264939

We entered an old style room with many kind waiters attending upon us.

The wine waiter suggested us a Bordeaux, the only one we could afford, 30 euros for the small bottle, but it was worth tasting it.

Before starting with our menus the chef offered us a very good entrée, a fish sauce (maybe bisk sauce with cream) to eat with their homemade bread.

And now, here’s what we ate.

Crisp Dublin Bay prawns, avocado purée, grapefruit sauce. The fish was so fresh, the mixed flavoures created an ecstatic, very expensive but delicious plate.

Another very good starter is snails in potatoes, with garlic and parsley butter sauce.

I’m keen about cheese (even if I’m lactose intolerant), that’s why I suggest tasting the assortment of ripened cheese (from Dubois and sons’), salad, dried fruit (homemade) bread and fruit jams, I even corrupted (:-)) the waiter to know where they bought those wonderful milk miracles.

For those who are waiting for the dessert I’d suggest the wild strawberry millefeuille with light Bourbon vanilla cream, raspberry sorbet.

But I highly recommend the warm sliced apple with cinnamon ice-cream and caramel, the sliced apple formed a rose, what a romantic and inspiring moment!

I would thank everybody if they could read me now, I spent wonderful moments there.

The site of this restaurant www.jacquescagna.com shows the menu, you can still order every plate I suggested here.

The bill was about 100 euros per person, but you’ll love every moment.